Small Soft Play
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discountThis set is great to hire in your home, garden or hall. The size of the matted area can be tailored to suit your needs. Kids will love jumping in to the padded ball pit and playing on the soft play shapes.


  • Large ball pit
  • Steps and slide
  • Activity baby ring
  • Tunnel
  • Soft play shapes

Please note: The recommended space required is approx 3 metres x 2 metres but this can be tailored to suit different sizes or awkward spaces due to interlocking matting.

Add ons available with this package are:

  • Building bricks
  • DiDi cars
  • 50 Watt Speaker system


£65 – Weekends (Sat or Sun)

£55 – Weekdays (Mon – Fri)

Please note that our soft play is a no face paint zone – in order to keep our soft play and inflatables in the best condition we have to request a “no face paint zone” as it stains the equipment and prevents the next children from enjoying their party.