FAQs and Terms


Q: What Do I Need To Provide When Hiring your soft play?
A: All you need to worry about with Charming parties is providing clear access to the area you want the inflatable installing, either a flat suitable sized grass area or a hall with adequate headroom and access to a power supply. We will do everything else including delivering, installing it and collecting it. We provide all the accessories required including safety crash mats, extension leads etc.
Q: Is delivery included in the price?
A: Yes – delivery is no extra charge for bookings within 10 miles of our base in Cosham. If you are further afield we may have to charge a little extra.
Q: How long is the hire for?
A: We hire until 5pm (must be dismantled and cleared by this time) included in the price, after this an hourly charge will be incurred.
Q: Is your equipment safe?
A: All of our inflatables are tested by a PIPA inspection body annually, the PIPA certificate means you can be sure the equipment you are hiring adheres to their strict safety standards.

We take your children’s safety seriously and so you can check for yourself on the PIPA website that the PIPA tag on the inflatable we supply does have the correct safety certificate – www.pipa.org.uk

Be sure to do this with any inflatable you hire whether its from us or another company.

All of our electrical equipment is also PAT tested.

Q: Are There Any Circumstances That Mean An inflatable Is Unsafe To Use?
A: The only circumstances in which an inflatable becomes unsafe and would lead to cancelation of your delivery would be high winds. It would simply be unsafe and negligent of us to deliver your inflatable. We should stress that these circumstances are fortunately very rare and that we would give as much notice as we were physically able and assist in finding an alternative venue if required.
Q: How long will you need to set-up and pack away?
A: We require at least 45 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to collect at the end of the party. Please bear this in mind if you are hiring a venue.
Q: What are your Terms & Conditions?
A: We have full Terms & Conditions of Hire which you are obliged to abide by should you wish to book with us. You will be sent a copy via email on booking and they are also available to view below.
Q: Do I Need To Pay A Deposit?
A: Yes we require a £40 deposit to secure bookings.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Your £40 deposit is only refundable if we receive both written and verbal notification of cancellation within a minimum of 28 days prior to the date you have booked to hire the equipment for. After the minimum 28 day period your deposit will no longer be refundable, however if we receive notification within 14 working days prior to the date you have booked to hire the equipment then your deposit may be used for hire on another available date.

If you are having an outdoor party and need to cancel due to adverse weather conditions you must give us a minimum of 24 hours notice, your deposit may be used for hire on another available date.

Q: Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?
A: Yes we have 5 million public and product liability insurance. This covers us against accident and injury caused by our equipment failing or incorrect or unsafe installation. This does not however cover the hirer for accidents or injury resulting from the misuse or abuse of the equipment when the hirer is responsible for providing their own supervision.

Booking Conditions


Once you have contacted us to make a booking and we have confirmed the availability of your requested hire date we will keep the date secured as a ‘provisional’ booking for up to 5 working days. By the end of this period we must have received your deposit of £40 in cleared funds for your booking to be secured. Should we not have received your deposit within 5 working days of your initial booking then the date of your ‘provisional’ booking will no longer be secured and we will re-release it as an available date.

Our latest collection for the day hire is 17:30, there after an hourly charge of £15 per hour will be incurred.

Cancellation/Change of date

Your £40 deposit is only refundable if we receive written notification of cancellation within a minimum of 28 days prior to the date you have booked to hire the equipment for. After the minimum 28 day period your deposit will no longer be refundable.

If you are having an outdoor party and need to cancel due to adverse weather conditions you must give us a minimum of 2 hours’ notice, your deposit may be used for hire on another available date.

(please note that the booking can only be transferred by and for the same customer)

Rain and strong winds will result in your outdoor party being cancelled and the final decision lies with charming parties for safety reason.

If you intend on having an outdoor party please note the soft play may get warm/hot on very sunny days, it is therefore advisable to use the soft play under a gazebo.  This will be down to the hirer and Charming Parties take no responsibility for this.


£40 deposit is to be paid in advanced as detailed above in the ‘booking’ section. The balance of the amount of your hire package is to be paid in cash on the day of the hire (we will require this payment as soon as set up is complete before we leave the premises).

Terms and Conditions of Hire

If the Hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following, a representative from CHARMING PARTIES should immediately be consulted.

  1. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that there is easy access to the venue for unloading (deliv­ery) and loading (collection) of the equipment. PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY HIRE TO GROUND FLOOR VENUES. Please ensure we have plenty of time to set up the equipment and collect at the end, please take this into consideration when booking your hall. Please allow at least 45 minutes before and after your party to set up and pack away.
  2. We will always make every effort to arrive in plenty of time to set up the equipment, however in the event of any unforeseen circumstances beyond Charming Parties control such as severe weather conditions or major traffic problems, then Charming Parties cannot be held responsible.
  3. All shoes MUST be removed when on or around the soft play equipment including our flooring, as should any loose jewellery, glasses, sharp objects and any items from pockets.
  4. Socks must be worn at all times during play for hygiene and safety reasons.
  5. No food , drink or chewing gum or facepaint is to be allowed on or near the equipment.
  6. THE HIRER shall not use the equipment for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement, and shall not sub-hire or use the equipment or allow the equipment to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way, nor allow anyone onto the equipment wearing shoes, spectacles, carrying sharp objects, key-rings, metal studded clothing or any other similar items which could cause damage to others or the equipment. No food or drink is to be taken onto or consumed on the equipment. No Party Poppers, Coloured streamers or Silly String should be taken, thrown or sprayed onto the equipment, these materials permanently stain the material and the hirer will be liable to compensate
  7. The soft play equipment and toddler inflatable centre is only intended for the use of children aged 0-5 years of age, and it is the responsibility of the parents and the hirer to ensure that children are supervised at ALL TIMES.
  8. Charming Parties accepts no responsibility regarding photography of children using the Soft play equipment.

Health & Safety

  1. Charming Parties are a hire only company and supervision is not included in our service. It is the full responsibility of the hirer and the other parents/carers present at the venue to ensure that all children are fully supervised at all times.
  2. Charming Parties will accept no responsibility for any injury caused during use of the soft play equipment, unless in the event is it caused by a serious defect with the goods. However we will take every precaution to prevent this which is why we will ask you to check the equipment once it has been set up and sign to confirm you are happy with everything before we leave the premises. In the event that a defect is discovered upon set up then we will take that item away with us to prevent potential injury.
  3. Most of our equipment is designed for 0-5 year olds, although some items may be suitable for slightly older children and some not suitable for children younger than 12 months. Please ensure the items you book are appropriate for the age of the children you are intending to use them. If you have any doubt please ask us. Please note that although our equipment may be used/accessed by adults to supervise and facilitate children’s play, it is not designed or intended for adult use/recreation.
  4. NO OUTDOOR SHOES to be worn at any time when using the equipment, and also if parents/guard­ians are entering the soft play area or walking over the padded floor tiles whilst supervising, shoes must also be removed. (It is recommended for hygiene reasons that socks are kept on the children).
  5. We request that there must be a minimum of 2 responsible adults (over the age of 18) supervising children at all times. To comply with insurance regulations responsible adults must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when in charge.
  6. Where smaller children are using the equipment i.e. as young as 1 year old we strongly recommend that there are more than 2 adults supervising them at all times.
  7. It is the hirer and the supervising adults responsibility to ensure that the equipment doesn’t become too overcrowded and is not used inappropriately or in any manor likely to cause injury
  8. In the event of any accident during use of our equipment to comply with our Insurance conditions, you must immediately notify Charming Parties and pro­fessional medical advice must be sought within 1 hour of the injury occurring, reports are likely to be requested by the Insurance company should a claim arise.

The Equipment

  1. Although the Soft play equipment and Balls from the ball pool are cleaned after every event it is recommended that supervising adults discourage children from placing balls in their mouths for hygiene purposes.
  2. We advise that safety mats must always be used under all Soft play items. Particular care should be taken when younger children and toddlers are exiting the toddler play center, climb­ing on top of any soft play to ensure no accidents occur. Diving/ jumping into or standing on the side of the Inflatables or soft play items MUST NOT be allowed in an attempt to prevent injury.
  3. Soft play equipment must not be thrown. Please do not attempt to move or dismantle any of the equipment yourself.
  4. Rockers should be supervised closely and only 1 child should play on them at a time.
  5. Please make sure that none of our equipment is removed or taken from the venue in which we deliv­er it to.
  6. Please be mindful that we would like to collect our equipment in the same condition in which we leave it when it is delivered to you. We would like lots of little ones to be able to enjoy the use of our equipment just the same as your little ones will. Please make sure all the above is adhered to and that supervision is supplied to ensure that there is no misuse of our equipment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Provided that the equipment is used in accordance with the above guidelines and conditions of hire, those using the inflatable should do so safely. However, accidents can happen. CHARMING PARTIES can accept no liability for injuries sustained or any other loss, howsoever caused, in the absence of the negligence of CHARMING PARTIES or its employees. As the equipment will be in the hirers possession and control whilst in use rather than CHARMING PARTIES, any liability for injuries or other losses caused other than in the circumstances described above rests with the hirer. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that the hirer has adequate public liability insurance covering his or her liability arising from the use of the inflatable.